When is Chinese New Year 2017

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When is Chinese New Year 2017

The Chinese new year 2017 is starting on Saturday, 28th January 2017. Everyone knows that all powerful nations have their own standards and traditions all across the world. Among those all, Chinese have their definite traditions and the biggest occasion which is only concerned with Chinese is their particular New Year.

When is Chinese New Year 2017

Why does the date change every year

Actually, the Chinese set New Year dates according to the moon using the lunar calendar. When New Year comes in China, there is a season of Spring Festival which is celebrated by every China’s citizen. Such Spring Festival comes and honored at the 23rd date of 12th which is last lunar month of Chinese calendar. This fantastic festival remains to continue for consecutive twenty-three days until the starting of the third week of the first lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

Chinese does not follow the Gregorian calendar in which the first month is January and the last month is December. Usually, Chinese first lunar month starts between the 21 January and 20 February of Gregorian calendar which is a reason for the difference between the dates of both types of calendars.

Each month in the calendar of Chinese people is of 29 or 30 days following the moon. Therefore, their calendar pattern is not matched with the dates of an ordinary calendar. As the January is going on, it means the Chinese New Year is going to start and not much far from now. New Year is the biggest event of holidays to enjoy and welcome the new life following the calendar which has its rules and interests for every native of China.

Why Chinese calendar is so famous in the world

The basic factor which makes the Chinese calendar as prominent and famous in the world is that its dates do not remain the same in every year. There is always a combination of lunar and solar calendar to decide and make the dates of this unique calendar. A calendar which Chinese use consists of 354 or 355 days and they use this calendar to predict and determine the dates of special festivals, social traditions, and ceremonies.

Although for non-Chinese individuals, this calendar may be very complicated and challenging to learn, but all Chinese understand this ancient calendar very well. There are many other attractive and valuable facts about the calendar which are used by china’s population. The name of every year of Chinese is the name of specific animals. These names of animals have a significant impact on their traditions, success, luck, and ceremonies.

The year of the duration 8-02-2016 to 27-01-2017 is the name monkey. And the upcoming new Chinese year 28-01-2017 to 15-02-2018 is known as the rooster, the beautiful animal. Also, the names of next new 15 years have been assigned in advance for the sake of nation’s benefits. The most important phenomenon in the calendars of Chinese is that its starting and ending dates keep on changing every time. The reason is very straightforward and easy to understand. As already stated above, the moon is responsible for all dates, starting and ending of months, therefore when the moon complete its cycle around the earth the new Chinese calendar starts, and it takes 29 days. So, with the difference of a number of days per month between Western calendar and Chinese calendar, there is a big contrast in their dates and every time Chinese calendar starts at the different time as compared to western calendar.

How is Chinese new year celebrated

Every New Year in China is celebrated at its peak and starts according to the first month of Chinese calendar. At the starting of a year, there is a huge and biggest festival celebrated by every single citizen of this country. The goal of the celebration is to welcome the New Year and promise each other for hard working, sincerity, and luck for the whole year.

There are various successful stories are legends take part in the festival ceremony. This festival is known as Spring Festival and consider as the biggest occasion when the Chinese families get together and celebrate without any worry. The buildings are decorated, and every street has its charm in these days. There is an invitation to every Chinese native to join several cultural activities including the temple fairs, selected restaurants, and other historical places to ensure the good luck for the whole remaining year.

When is Chinese New Year 2017

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