Vainglory V.1.14 Update and Preview – New Character Ozo Shows Up !

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Vainglory V.1.14 Update and Preview – New Character Ozo Shows Up !
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Vainglory v.1.14 New Update and Preview

Vainglory V.1.14 Update – Ozo the monkey king

It seems that Super Evil Megacorp as the developer of Vainglory ambitions to conquer the Chinese market. Through the Vainglory 1.14 version update that was released yesterday, they perform a variety of overhaul and the addition of content to the theme of the Chinese New Year which falls on Monday, 8th February.

To adjust to the theme, Super Evil Megacorp do many things. Among these are changes in appearance Halcyon Fold arena that is now filled with lanterns and fireworks. Also present was a new hero named Ozo, a monkey that match the fire monkey year 2016 according to the Chinese horoscope.

In addition, new features such as the present draft system for ranked games, balancing to balance the power of the hero, as well as brand-new skin for a few heroes. Still there are a myriad of other things that were presented by the developer in this latest version, and I have picked out a few things that are important for you to know below.

New Hero Character : Ozo The Monkey King

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Just like previous updates, on Vainglory v 1.14 update also presents a new hero in the shape of a monkey. He is competing in Halcyon Ozo Fold wielding a giant iron rings.

Ozo magic is evidenced by his Heroic Perk called Carnie Luck. Thanks to these capabilities, a variety of additional HP acquired Ozo, both of items Halcyon Potion, lifesteal, and from other sources, get an additional amount not obtained other hero.

Two of his basic skills, Three-Ring Circus and Acrobounce, very useful in close combat and able wounded more than one enemy. Three-Ring Circus is an attack with a three punch combo which can he launched sequentially, while Acrobounce allows him to leap up to three times on the head of the enemy.

Ozo ultimate skill, Bangarang, making it capable of rolling pursuing the enemy from a distance. If the targets in less than one second, the enemy will bounce back to the Ozo and get the stun effect for half a second. All enemies are on his track will be pushed to the side.

Vainglory Draft Mode system for Ranked Matches

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After the system was first introduced in the draft Vainglory International Premier League 2nd tournament last year, now finally the hero retrieval methods implemented to fight ranked in the game extensively. With this method, both teams are facing will not have the same hero.

Draft system forced every team to strategize carefully, where synergies between the chosen hero as well as his ability against the enemy force must be carefully calculated. The implementation of this system requires you to have at least eight different hero to join the battle ranked.

For now, the new draft system put in place to combat ranked followed by three people in the same party. Thus, if you follow ranked battle alone or with another friend in the party, the method of selecting a hero who applies will be reverted to the old system.

Halcyon Fold Clad Lanterns and Fireworks

To enliven the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, Halcyon Fold was preening with shades of red. No more snow that blanketed the arena, all changed with lanterns and glow red.

Not only that, the background scenery Fold Halycon was now enlivened with fireworks blared endlessly. You can enjoy festive explosion of variegated color of the fireworks are currently in action in the lane.

New costumes for Rona and Koshka

Has been present since the middle of 2015 and then, finally Rona getting new costumes through the first tier skins to change her appearance into a punk style. Costume titled Fury Rona also replaced the ax she was carrying into two short swords.

Koshka also received additional costumes through an exclusive skin that can only be redeemed by purchasing IAP in the game. In costume of Red Lantern – Koshka, she was dressed in traditional Chinese (commonly called Cheongsam) is red.

Jungle Is Increasingly Dangerous

One of the important updates in Vainglory v.1.14 new update is an increase in the strength of the Minions that are in the jungle. Their strength is improved such that the hero role jungle roam and to be compact to work together to distribute the given Minion damage, or are threatened to die stupid.

In addition, Gold Minion in the middle of the arena, no longer will favor the team that beat him. Thus, each team must beat Gold Minion back to get his money.

Changes of Strength Item Breaking Point and Broken Myth

Breaking Point stack effect of the first will increase each time you make a basic blow to the enemy hero, now converted at the 1.14 version. Stack effect will only happen if you give 125 damage (and +5 damage to each subsequent stack) of the basic strokes. Total stack that you can get from Breaking Point increased to 25, and you must use a different recipe to make this item.

In addition, the strength of Broken items Myth may lowered. If once you can enjoy crystal-based additional strength as much as 36 percent of the 6 stack effect, now you will only get a maximum of 35 percent of the 7 effects stack.

Nerf wave and Buff Continues in Balancing

Well, it got to the part’s important to know in order to change the strength hero balancing force. No half-hearted, there are eight hero who gets the power adjustment.

Heroes Hit Get Nerf

  • Blackfeather – Now skill Feint of Heart hers give weapon-based damage instead behave as true damage. Thus, the enemy hero can reduce the effect by buying items Armor.
  • Ardan – Vanguard Reach her skill is getting shorter. In addition, he gave a great shield of skill are also down as much as ten percent.
  • Kestrel – Timed he needed to recharge his arrow was increased to four seconds. Glimmershot damage slightly lowered hers too. However, the weakening is accompanied by a decrease in the amount of energy required to activate the Active Camo skill.
  • Skye – Strength skill Forward Barrage and Death from Above while destroying turrets and Minion in the jungle fell by ten percent. Additional strength of crystal items for skill Suri Strike also dropped fifty percent. However, the increase in the power gained from weapon-based items increased to compensate for this decline.

Heroes who Get Buff

  • Skaarf – Strength skill Spitfire against enemy fire after the first fire ball on target to increase by almost twenty percent.
  • Petal – The Minions subordinates strengthened. In addition to the more solid, their toughness is also enhanced by a crystal-based items.
  • Adagio – Hero this one gained strength throughout his or her skill. Thus, the Adagio as a matter roam now have the potential damage that is quite scary.
  • Rona – Skill Into the Fray hers have damage greater than ever before.

In addition nerf and buff above, Super Evil megacorp also provide adjustments to the strength of the hero to kill the Minions. Now Kestrel, Skaarf, Phinn, and Glaive can no longer kill Minion fast as it used with skill that they have.

In addition to the above matters, Vainglory 1.14 version new update also presents an assortment of other things, such as a special event with prizes rare cards to access the costumes, to the bug fixes that will make the game more smoothly. You can read more with detailed explanations about meta game changes immediately on their official website below.

Source: Vainglory official web

Vainglory New Update Preview Video

And what do you think about this new Vainglory v.1.14 Update ?. Please leave your comments below

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Vainglory V.1.14 Update and Preview – New Character Ozo Shows Up !

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