UnReal World free Download full PC Game

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UnReal World free Download full PC Game
UnReal World free Download full PC Game

About This Game
Into the Far North we shall take you — as far as we can by the means of computer role playing…

UnReal World is a unique combination of roguelike roleplaying game and survival simulation set in the Far North long, long ago. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. The game is completely open-ended and you decide whether you wish to lead a life of a fisherman, a hermit searching for the peace, a brave adventurer, a rough hunter, a trapper or a tradesman.

As a member of one of the nine different cultures you’ll enter a detailed and enchanting iron-age game world in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part. The world and mechanics of the game are highly realistic, rich with historical atmosphere and emphasized on survival in the harsh ancient wilderness.

A wide world with vast forests, mires and mountains to roam and watercourses to row is randomly and procedurally generated – and you can live off the land and explore it on very detailed level. Track animals, set traps, hunt with bows and spears, tan hides, go fishing, pick berries, cook food, sleep in a temporary shelter or build a log cottage, trade with the villagers, craft items, interact with cultures near and far — and so much more.

A few of the key features:
    turn-based and open-ended – think before you act and live off the land as you please
    random world generation for endless replayability
    intricate procedural world full of wonders both mundane and extraordinary to explore on very detailed level
    no character classes but nine different cultures to choose from
    skill based system including multitude of skills from cookery to hideworking, from herblore to tracking
    detailed terrain generation with diverse and accurate northern vegetable kingdom
    convincing northern animal kingdom with species specific behaviour patterns and feeding relationships modelled in detail
    keep in touch with the spirit world and the supernatural guardians of nature
    find excitement in surviving everyday life and the quest for success in the harsh ancient wilderness
    detailed combat (and hunting) with many tactical options and galore of weapon, battle experience and combatant related factors resulting in vivid and rewarding struggles
    no “hit points” but detailed generation of injuries such as bruises, fractures, tears and cuts to specific body locations
    injuries rated to determine their effect to physical activity
    craft items from weapons to traps, build constructions for temporary shelter to log cabins
    moddable crafting, building and flora
    and so much more. Everything is up to you…

The initial UnReal World Steam release doesn’t feature Steam goodies such as achievements, trading cards or cloud saves but there’s no end in sight and all of those will be considered in the future.

UnReal World is the longest living roguelike game of all times. It was first released in 1992 and has been continuously maintained and developed ever since.
Over the years we’ve seen dozens and dozens of new UnReal World versions each of them being complete games of their own, and still there is no end in sight to working with updates and new versions. UnReal World Steam version out now is the third evolution of the game (3.*) and a great deal of updates, enhancements and new features to it will follow.

System Requirements
Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

        OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
        Processor: 1 GHz
        Memory: 512 MB RAM
        Graphics: 800×600 minimum resolution
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Storage: 1 GB available space

UnReal World free Download full PC Game

UnReal World free Download full PC Game

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