Tutorial Installation iMacros ‪‎Facebook‬ Script ‪Mozilla‬ And ‪Chrome‬

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Tutorial Installation iMacros ‪‎Facebook‬ Script ‪Mozilla‬ And ‪Chrome‬
         Tutorial Installation iMacrosc ‪#‎Facebook‬ Script ‪#‎Mozilla‬ And ‪#‎Chrome‬

 Install iMacrosc Facebook Script Mozilla And Chrome
Auto Post Pages Wall / Groups Wall  / Friends Wall
+ with Photo or Without Photo U can Choose After You Get The Script broooo xD!
Auto Inbox To Any Facebook Pages / Facebook Profile and More!
No Adds. Free Fb Tools
Follow This Step …. One By One~  Easy!!!!!! xD
*No Tokens
*No Blocks
U can Use This Tools For your Biz and make more money.
I dont have time to make money, coz I dont like make money, I love To sharing New Tools and For Free.

Installer Tutorial

1. iMacrosc.rar Script
– Script Files : https://goo.gl/B8NuAY
– Download Script File And Extract File on:
*Make Sure The File Located at  C:UsersDocumentsiMacros

2. How to install iMacros Addons

For Mozilla~
Restart Mozilla first
And Now Youre Done For Mozilla Browser and Installation Tutorial !!!!! xD

For Chrome~
– Add : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/imacros-for-chrome/cplklnmnlbnpmjogncfgfijoopmnlemp/related?hl=en
Nothing to see here yet
-Download an Install :
Run Pogram and Install on:
C:UsersDocuments and *create new Folder Name iMacrosChrome
*Make Sure the File Located C:UsersDocumentsiMacrosChrome

And Now Youre Done For Chrome Browser and Installation Tutorial !!!!! xD

Tutorial Using The Script : https://youtu.be/jCEVlDCMz6o


– It can be used for both, Mac and Linux.
– The install script is inside the “gz” file. The command to unpack it from command line is
– tar -xvf imacros_fio.tar.gz
– After that command is executed the imacros_fio directory is created.
Please move that directory to some place where it will be persistent, e.g. ~/iMacros
then cd to that directory and execute ./install.sh
-Checksum: MD5 imacros_fio.tar.gz = dc668d1b8265443e0ef7314a6bc92b3f

*Do Not Edit This Path*
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Facebook Script

Tutorial Installation iMacros ‪‎Facebook‬ Script ‪Mozilla‬ And ‪Chrome‬

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