The Great Need to Track your Adwords campaigns

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The Great Need to Track your Adwords campaigns
If one will analyze the process of advertising on Google Adwords, he would probably agree that this process can be best described as an operation done in a hostile environment. Yes! It is true that the largest search engine is actually making more than $15 billion every year out of their adwords campaign business but an advertiser should know that this is not enough for them to make it easier for you to work and deal with them.

 Everyone with an adwords ppc program will agree to this. For Google, they know that their two customers cannot exist without the other and in this side of this business, if you won’t track your campaign, who gets the greater profit? It is either Google or those affiliates you got for the purpose of beating Adwords.

 Why do you need to track your Adwords Campaign?
 As mentioned above, Google has to balance its two customer bases. Google believes that a searcher cannot live without ads and that advertisers cannot exist without searchers. Let us start with searchers. Searches generally want accurate information, pertinent search engine results, quick answers, good content and most of all, spam-free searches. Let us then go to advertisers. Advertisers want as much traffic they can get at the cheapest way possible. There may be some advertisers who try to get away with rich quick schemes and underhanded techniques but these people do not really succeed. The problem now is that the steps that Google uses to protect itself and the searchers from bad advertisers are actually the steps that make it hard for the good advertisers to make Adwords work for them. It is true that Adwords is such a profitable place to bring in your budget for advertising. However, it doesn’t work this way when you fail to monitor and track your Adwords campaigns and Adwords ppc.

The Great Need to Track your Adwords campaigns

  How do you track your Adwords campaign? In order to make your Adwords campaign really successful, you need to make Google extra happy because if this is the case, the cost per click that you have to pay will go down while the traffic driven to your website goes up. The question now is how you could make Google extra happy. Well, this is simple. You need a high click through rate and satisfy the people visiting your site so that they will go back and the best is when they promote your site as well to their loved ones and friends. It may be getting more and more confusing so to stop confusions, look at the tips below.

  • Keywords

You have to have at least 500 to 1000 keywords in your Adwords Campaign otherwise you are definitely leaving the keywords that will give you profit on the table. Keyword Research Tool: How Does it Work ?

  • Proper Usage, Match Types

Google matches your keywords according to broad, phase and exact. There are helps available. Check them out to avoid committing mistakes on this one.

  • Grouping of Keywords

The most common mistake many advertisers make is that they start using a single ad group with enormous number of keywords in it. This is not good because you are already implying that you can’t have relevant ads out of these keywords.

  • Your Landing Pages

This is when you have the targeted landing pages for your customers to tell tem something when they are in search of certain information.

  • Write your Ads

Another common mistake many advertisers have is that they think it is not good to repeat their keywords in their ads. Now where is the relevance if you don’t do this? Keyword Analyzer: How people get more profit!

  • Split test

Always try different ads. If one doesn’t work, check the other one. Do this regularly as a part of your Adwords campaign tracking to track which one is better.

  • Content Network

Do content networks first and stop on the term that has been profitable. After doing this, you may now create another one to advertise the content of your network.

  • Schedule and Geographic Targeting

Adwords tracking works best on this. Know the geographic locations of your target market. You may change this constantly if the tracking results do not match your target.

  • Track your Conversion

Know what you are getting from your advertisements otherwise you won’t end up with good decisions. Do this regularly. If nothing good is happening, you may try beating Adwords through affiliates to have a greater conversion. Targeting long tail keywords for more traffic

  • Adjust your Bids

Not all keywords are equal. Examine the way these keywords are converting visitors into buyers and constantly adjust your bid for them. Do not waste the opportunity your Adwords campaign has given you. Furthermore, do not waste the money you have to pay for your Adwords ppc. Be diligent in tracking your Adwords campaigns. This way, you are up for a greater opportunity of getting the most and the fullest out of these campaigns

The Great Need to Track your Adwords campaigns

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