The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone

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The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone
Yesterday I Missed a nice movie due some reasons but in that time while I was searching net i found an intersting thing on how to watch online movies easily on Android and Iphone smartphones so For Those Who has not happened that has nothing to do on a Saturday night, and she did not want to leave. A good alternative is to spend time searching and viewing online movies. But what are the best apps to do so? Are there free apps or to be registered? Here is a list of some of them with their respective features that will help you spend time entertaining, just having a computer or a mobile phone connected to internet.

YouTube For mobile and PC

YouTube is the most popular application for online movies. Although the playing time is limited and most likely have to watch the movie in parts, is almost sure to find the one you want. The application is very simple to use, either in the browser or by downloading the same application for mobile, simply find the movie you want by placing your name in the search box, and YouTube will show the matches; choose the one you want and go! Enjoy.
The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone
If you have a mobile phone, you can easily download YouTube application. If your phone has Android, the application is downloaded following this link or from the Play Store
If you have an iPhone, the application is free and can be downloaded from iTunes or by following this direction
And if you have a Blackberry, looking at the Blackberry App World you will find several free and paid apps that will help you to search and play YouTube videos.
One of the free apps is this In mobile phones, the application works with Flash’s why you can see the videos at a good speed , using fewer resources than using the browser. That’s is why we recommend you use the application, not the browser.

VLC Stream & Convert

VLC is the most versatile video player, plus free market. Its popularity is due to its intuitive and easy to handle, and also the fact that runs on many platforms without any problems.
The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone
Through the power of the desktop application, the Android version VLC Stream & Convert devices is quite similar with the advantage that in addition to playing videos, and also serves as display media files such as audio and images.
Another advantage is that users can watch movies with subtitles, although the application configuration is somewhat complicated, for sure worth it to enjoy your favorite movies on your mobile phone.
It has two versions, one paid and one free with less features but essentially with the same efficiency and power. You can download the free application by following this link

Movies online

As its name implies, this application allows you to play online movies, divided into categories for better search.
The News section, can display the latest additions to the catalog of movie titles, also providing the ability to view the original formats of the same. A big plus for film buffs and true connoisseurs of cinema.
To download this application, follow the following link
There are times when you want to download movies and watch them not only because they may not have a permanent Internet connection but want to watch movies at a later time without having to be connected. There are also applications that will help you in this difficult but not complicated task, and then discuss some applications to download free movies.

MarchTube for iPhone

If you have an iPhone and like to enjoy the latest videos and movies; and also download them to your phone, then this is the right application for you. With this application you can download movies safely and quickly.
The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone

The application interface is simple and intuitive. When you first enter, you will find the list of the most popular videos; or if you want you can find the video on the tab of the same name. After having the list of videos, to download just click on one of them and proceed to the download list.
After the download, you can transfer the video to your PC via the SSH connection.
The advantages? The simplicity of the application and the speed of download.
You can download the application by following this link

Tubemate YouTube downloader for Android

Like Marchtube iPhone, this application allows you to download YouTube videos and then view them without being connected to the internet.
The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone
This application allows you to download videos and customize the files, you can decide the quality you want to download the video, the path to the folder where you want to save, and also gives you the option to download only the audio in mp3 format. Bear in mind that the file size depends on the configuration of the above characteristics.
Another advantage of this application is that it allows multiple file download. So do not download the videos one by one, you can do all at once.
You can download the application by following this link:

YouTube downloader HD

On YouTube there are many videos in high quality format, and allows us to download this application. While take up more space, the definition of the image is very good.
How does it work? It’s simple, just copy the link location of the YouTube video, open the application and paste the link. Then you must choose the format you want the download (standard or HD) and also the type of file can be avi or mp4 which are compatible with iPhone and iPod.
The advantage of this program is its simplicity and speed, plus the versatility and the entire process is done from a single window.
So go ahead and test these applications for PC and mobile to help you spend time entertaining without leaving your home.
The Best Apps For Watching Movies Online on Android and Iphone

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