Stick Run Hack God Mode [No Die]

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  • God Mode (You Won’t Die By Hitting Any Obstacles)

Tools Required :
Cheat Engine Already Installed : Cheat Engine 

Steps to use Stick Run Hack Complete:

  1. Open Your Game
  2. Run Once In Game
  3. Now Open Cheat Engine
  4. Attach Cheat Engine With Browser
  5. In Cheat Engine Set Value Type To “Double”
  6. Then Set Scan Type To “Value Between”
  7. In Both Boxes Input 2 And Scan
  8. Now You Will Get Alot of Results
  9. Just After Every 10 Seconds Click On Next Scan (Do This Step 5-10 Times)
  10. Now You Will Get Results Like 200-300
  11. Then Select The Results Only Which Are Black In Color (Don’t Select The Green Color Results)
  12. There Can Be 20-50 Black Color Results
  13. Now After Selecting Them Click Red Arrow
  14. Now Change All The Results To “-5”
  15. Now Run Again In Game
  16. You Will See That Even By Hitting The Walls You Won’t Die
  17. Whenever You Reached The Score You Wanted Then Change The Results Back To “2”


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