Phantaruk Game

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Phantaruk Game


For long has the humanity been confined using limits of the human frame. Most have general the imperfection of flesh; however, some sought for liberation. To pursue the dream of making a submit-man or women – to gain ideas of transhumanism – is the rising force in the back of h+ corporation. Inside its facilities era and homo sapiens have become one entity. An organism was devoid of humanity’s organic weaknesses.

The dream shatters to a nightmare when you recognize what has end up of purity-02. As soon as a research vessel, it has become a deadly, deserted lure. To flee purity-02, you’ve got to study the mysteries of the delivery. With each passing minute, the chances of survival grow narrow. Infected with a parasite emitting lethal pollutants, you conflict against havoc being wrought inside your body. However, there’s yet a more hazard to avoid.

A beast is roaming the delivery. A creature regarded from long-forgotten fables and historical myths. It could prowl around in any shadow and lurk in the back of any corner. You need to plan your each move. You must survive the contamination.

Phantaruk Game

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