OZMAFIA!! Full Version

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OZMAFIA!! Full Version

SKIDROW – First impressions of this game OZMAFIA!! Full Version are excellent. Visual novel game OZMAFIA!! SKIDROW Repack released on 26 June 2016. The art is beautiful and the story is pretty interesting. Once you finish one route, new scenes are unlocked so replayability is really good too. And once you finish every single route, a grand finale is unlocked! There are so many layers. It’s kept me so absorbed. I’ve really enjoyed this game so far and I would recommend it!

System Requirements for OZMAFIA!! Full Version:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: PentiumⅢ 500MHz
Memory: 256 MB RAM

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Poni-Pachet SY
Publisher: MangaGamer
Release Date: 30 Apr, 2016

Download Link OZMAFIA!! Full Version – 1.4 GB:

Review OZMAFIA!! Full Version:

OZMAFIA!! Full Version

I’m loving OZMAFIA!! Full Version. The characters are all very different, and even if you might not like them, you can’t deny that they’re interesting. The art is soft and lovely, and the music really helps set the mood for each scene! The opening and ending are done by a Canadian band and therefore are in English, which surprised me when I first heard them… but they’re cute and, again, set the mood. There are also extra scenes that appear after you view scenes a second time, and so it really adds replay value.

Speaking of the scenes, they act more like windows into the small moments shared between the characters, with a few big scenes scattered throughout. I personally really like it, but I can understand that that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I also really enjoyed the MC! She can be a little oblivious and rash, of course, but it works well enough. She’s definitely not the worst I’ve ever played.

There are a few scenes that are a little eyeroll-inducing (personally, I didn’t often care for the scenes with Heidi), but there are many more that are sweet, funny, sad, and/or exciting.
The only other thing that might be a turn off is that for the three Oz men, you /have/ to go through a love triangle, and that… kind of sucks. The transferred endings (where you switch from one guy to the other) are very good, though!

Overall, it’s a super fun game, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any otome fan, or anyone who’s curious about it! Download OZMAFIA!! Full Version and playing now this visual novel games.

OZMAFIA!! Full Version

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