[MOD] Chain Chronicle for Android (Global) – VER. 1.6.1 [UPDATE a]

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1. Autokill (Quests, Raid [except for Raid Boss] & Gauntlet)
2. Massive damage (in other modes)
3. Skill always active
4. Last Hit Skill always applies
5. Mobs don’t damage you.
6 (Ver.a). The game sends the starting health of raidboss to the server as damage dealt. You shouldn’t be caught cheating this way.

dark13th have made 1.6.1 Ver.a with one new hack. If you’re afraid of being caught cheating, update.
(The original mod and Ver.a can be installed on top of each other without cleaning data.)

dark13th won’t take other people’s hard work, so:
the mod was based on v 1.3.2 by
@fantasy235 and then maintained by me, I added new features from time to time until Gumi fixed ’em. That’s why this mod has less features than v.1.4.2 from 2 months ago.

Q: Is this mod free?
A: Yes, I don’t need any money for cheating hacks.

Q: What does “Last Hit Skill always applies” mean?
A: The game thinks that the last hit was a skill, so it gives you a bonus. Every time.

Q: Did you really hack gauntlet for autokill.
A: Yep. Your foes die even before the “Fight!” word appears.

Q: So, what about Raid Bosses?
A: Their minions are dying when they see your brave army. The demons do not flinch, but… they can’t harm you, and you… you can one-hit them.

Q: So, can I download and install it?
A: Yes, you certainly can.

Q: Will you do the same for Japan version?
A: Maybe. It depends on whether I have free time.


download and install. If you can’t install, delete the existing version of this game and try again. You should Transfer Data or connect to Facebook to retain your progress!

Google Play:

This mod can’t connect to Google Play. If your game force-connects and hangs, here’s workaround for you: add another Google account. The game will ask you which account to use for syncing, you just tap Cancel. Yep, it works.


Yes, you can connect to Facebook. Just make sure you have no Facebook app installed. Uninstall it, connect the game, install Facebook if you need it.


This mod uses test certificate. You can upgrade @fantasy235 mod to mine without uninstalling. You will be able to upgrade to future versions of my mod without uninstalling.

Ver.a: https://mega.nz/#!TBhnBJxa!0bNlxMnHjiu1AmvoUuumjAwA_hggvLbVxQHhUqLS5D0

Mirror / Alternative Link:
Ver.a: https://yadi.sk/d/J6JGYkJZiWXbZ


dark13th, @fantasy235 (mod was based on v.1.3.2 by him)

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