[MOD] Call Of Duty v1.5.0 Android (fixed mods)

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Forget the gold, oil, health and miss bug now. This mods are updated and fixed and the bugs no longer happen on this mod. try it and give me your feedback 😉

You can’t login with Google+ with this mod because the signature is different. There is no way to fix this. Google Play Games does not support game mods

If you got Network error while attacking, reboot your device and play the game again

Name of Game: Call of Duty: Heroes
Version: 1.5.0
Root Needed?: YES/NO

Mod #1:
Units have very high damage

Mod #2:
Units have very high damage

Turrets can’t damage units (0 damage)

Manual Step:

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Login with your Google+before uninstall the game!

Uninstall the game (Uninstall the game does NOT delete your save data because the game already linked your Android ID to the game so it loads your savedata if you play the game again)

Visit this website on your Android device and download the APK file without any computers. (you can use your computer to download and transfer the file to your device)

The downloaded file is in Downloads system app or download lists in browser

Tap on the APK and you will be asked to install, tap “Install”

Done, run the game, your savedata is loaded and enjoy!

CoD Heroes account recovery:
If you lost your CoD Heroes account for no reason. You can recover it by installing the Original game from Play Store.

You have to follow this steps everytime the game reset your game

1. Uninstall the mod

2. Install CoD Heroes from Play store

3. Open the game, sign in with your Google+ and load your game.

4. Close the game and uninstall the original game

5. Install the modded apk

6. Open the game

7. If it ask you to login with your Google+, press back button

8. Done and your base is still here

You have to follow this steps everytime the game reset your game

Credits To:

Evildog1 (A.K.A iAndroHackerDK)

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