iAndroHacker Blogger Rules

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iAndroHacker Blogger Rules
  • Please treat other members with respect. These  blogs were put together for Android gamers and game cheaters to come together and help each other, collaborate and discuss in a positive way. Not bash and argue over petty squabbles. If you cannot say something nice, do not say anything!

  • We encourage mature debates – discourage childish arguments.

  • Spam: Please don’t make pointless rude/nonconstructive replies. “Hack doesn’t work“,”How about modded APK?“, “work?” etc. Please be descriptive on this point if you are going to voice something.

  • Incorrect grammar: do not take it upon yourself to play Grammar Nazi. If someone’s post is literally so bad you cannot understand it, Report the comment, and the Admin will handle the situation. do not nitpick and ruin the blogger just to show how high-n-mighty-like you can be.

  • Arguments: If staff asks you to end an argument, debate or any sort of dramatic agenda – please do as asked.

  • Strong language: This tends to be over abused. please keep your unprofessional words to yourself.

  • Creating Multiple or New Accounts: This is more of a clear-cut rule than the above guideline. Creating a second (or more) account on here will most likely get all – including your original – accounts banned.

  • Gibberish Username: Immediate ban. We have not tolerance for j12745293 or asddfghjk. This is a blogger, do not Sully it’s integrity by using a horrid name.

  • Language: Using another language are allowed but please try to speak English on this blogger. If you need, you can use a translating service to help with this. This assumes, of course, that you can even read this message!

  • Links to your own site, in general: post a link in comments is fine. Linking when referencing something relevant and stuff is fine too. Just be a contributing member, not a spammer. And do NOT ever post a scam link that require a survey to complete!

  • Do not post the following, or links to (including but not limited to): Porn, Drugs, Hate, Terrorism, sexism, or anything else you imagine should be listed here. People can do what they want elsewhere, but we’re not looking to provide direction to these things.

  • Try the mod/hack before posting a comment: Do NOT just say “Tested?“,”Doesn’t work?“, “work?” if you have not tried the hacks/mods. Please TRY before posting a comment!

  • Requesting a hack on wrong section: Do not request a hack on any pages on this website. Any comments like this “Please mod Clash Of Clans for Android” will be DELETED and i will not listen to the peoples who request a hack/mod in wrong sections! if you do it again, i will BAN your username, email and your IP-Address! Please request the hack/mod on the MrrAndroid forum request sections.

  • Update mod/hack request: If one or more users requested for mod/hack update, do not say the same. it is called spamming. Your username, email and your IP-Address will be BANNED permanently!

  • Unprofessional comments: Please don’t make pointless rude/nonconstructive replies. “Hack doesn’t work“,”How about modded APK?“, “work?” etc. Please be descriptive on this point if you are going to voice something.

Use a comments that describes your problem – here are some examples of good and bad comments:

Bad comments

Good comments



Does the hack work with my device HTC one?

Does the hack work with iOS 8?

Doesn’t work…

HELP! game crashes!

The Eternity Warrios 3 APK mod does not work, it crashes when i start the game.

Update plz!!!

Please update!

Hello. Can you please update Clash Of Clans to v1.3.0? The old mod is outdated and it does not work anymore.

i’m banned. please help

I’m been banned from the game. Can you help me please?

plz help me

Can you help me install the mod?

iAndroHacker Blogger Rules

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