How to Build Backlinks – Simple Guide To Create Backlinks for your Site

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How to Build Backlinks - Simple Guide To Create Backlinks for your Site
Backlinks If your Running Website or Blog then you are Familiar with Word – “BackLink”  . Generally If you are a Professional Blogger or If you Maintaining a Big Website or If your are Planning for a Niche Site or Niche Blog then you must know the Word What is Backlink and How it will helps for your Site . Did you Know that Google Pagerank Update Algorithm is some what based upon the No of Quality Backlinks  From Mattcutts Head of Google’s Webspam Team. For a Beginner Bloggers Backlinks means which acts a support for you site to appear in search engines and also they are many advantages and Disadvantages of Backlinks but I am not Revealing the More Story of Backlinks but you will see a full Story of Backlinks for SEO in coming Post on my site.
How to Build Backlinks - Simple Guide To Create Backlinks for your Site

How we can get a Backlink form other Sites

If the site has a Pagerank or if the site has good ranking and has an Equal Relevancy so  you can get Backlink in many ways like From of   Profile Links , Guest Posting , SitewideLinking , Blog Commenting , Author Profile etc.  One of the Popular Method by getting High PR Links are Angelina Backlinks Dont Worry Wait for some Few Day I will be Publish the Detailed paul’s Angelina Backlinks in my upcoming posts . Generally Backlinks are classified as Two Types they are
1. Dofollow Link
Dofollow Link are Most Valuable Links While the Google Bots Crawlers they will looks for some External Links linking to other website were Search Engines will Follows Link by Passing the Link Juice Which Helps for Ranking of their Sites
2. Nofollow Link
Nofollow Links are Second type of Backlink and These Nofollow Links are having the Least Importance because Nofollow in Terms of Search Engines are Not Crawled by the Google Bots or Search Engines so they are Not Not Important for Google , Bing ,Yahoo etc Search Engines . So please Avoid Getting Nofollow Links as a Backlink 
  • How To Check Whether the Backlink Links are Dofollow or Nofollow :- Links are Just Install Nofollow Extension in your Browser and After Installing See any Website if the External Link with a Keyword is showing like a Red Strike off Mark enclosed in Box Shaped Structure then Link said to Nofollow Links and If the Links are Not Striken then the Links are Simply Dofollow 

For Creating a Backlinks please Take a Note of these Follow Code

  1. <a href=””> How to Build Backlinks</a>  
  2. [url=]How to Build Backlinks[/url]
Please Note that for First one you can see that is the site where you are creating the backlinks you can use your Post Links also here and “How to Build Backlinks” is called as the Anchor Text  you make your anchor according to your  site Relevance or post Relevance . This  Code can be followed by all sites because they are in HMTL format 
           And the second One is called as BB CODE generally Used in Signature of the Post  . For this also you can see that is the site where you are creating the backlinks you can use your Post Links also here and “How to Build Backlinks” is called as the Anchor Text  .

Simple Guide To Build or Create Backlinks for your Site

Guest Posting
This is one of Most commonly used Method to get an Original Backlink for your site and Google gives some Importance to the High Pagerank Links but for this you must have to Impress the Author of the Site because most of the Author who are having a High PR site will not allow this for Free they will charge you around 150-200$ of Money for Posting a Guest Post in their Sites so you can make money by this method also if you are having a High PR Sites . Generally in Writing the Guest post you will get the Backlinks in the Author Profile with a Dofollow Backlink Make sure that the Link is Dofollow or Not  .
Site Wide Linking
Sitewide Linking is also one of the popular Method where you can get the Backlink but this is used for the site want to Rise up Suddenly in Search Engines like Niches . Sitewide Links means you Backlinks are placed in the Left or Right or Even Top or Bottom of the Home Page which means they must more Relevance of Link Juice passing to the Other site so before careful this method is Recommended only for short time  usage site only because More links from the same Site will leads you site to Spam also more Links with same Keywords also Lead you website to Spam so Becarefull Google or Search Engine are Watching You .
Recent Google Update : Sitewide links are  allows only one Natural Backlinks to the other External Site

Blog Commenting
Since Blog Commenting is one of the Most Preferred method for creating or Building the Backlinks for you website  but many of the user will do some Basic mistake in doing the Backlink while commenting and Some times leads to Spam also  Because if you commenting in other High Ranked well Know sites then you have to place an interesting Commenting along with your Backlinks (HMTL Code) Generally Most Sites are does not allow Hmtl coding in the commenting because to prevent the users from Spam so but Few sites Accepts the Hmtl Code so you must find those Relevancy site for creating the backlinks.
For Example the if the site accepts the Html Comments you can comment like follows :-

Your Comment +  <a href=””> How to Build Backlinks</a>    and  then Submit your Comment

Then Your Comment will be appeared as  Your comment How to Build Backlinks  see When you click on the How to Build Backlinks the link must be redirected to your page then only you will the Backlink  so Be Careful while creating backlinks

Their is an another Simple Method to create Backlinks By using other site backlinks searching for   to search for High Pagerank Sites will take more time to Build Backlinks so If we are having the list of some High PR sites we can Easily Create Backlinks for our own site so by using Watchmybacklinks ,ahrefs ,Ranksignals etc where you check other site backlinks and you can also create those Backlinks easily for your Blog

See Backlinks Not Helps To find a Top Place on Search Engine Results but also It Helps you To Spam you Site so Becareful While Creating the Backlinks

Please Notice that Now a days many new Software’s and some Business Site are offers some Free Automatic SEO Backlinks tools but I Recommend you not to go on that side If you are having the Skill or the Efficiency to work then you can Create your own Backlinks for your Site and save a lot Money not for going to  Automatic Backlinks Submission Tools.
How to Build Backlinks - Simple Guide To Create Backlinks for your Site

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