Google Keyword Research Tool: How Does it Work ?

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Google Keyword Research Tool: How Does it Work ?
With so many businesses on the internet nowadays, keywords are becoming very important, especially if these keywords are relevant to your site. Because of the relatively high importance of the keywords, there are now companies apart from search engines that offer Keyword research tools to assist you with your keywords selection and to help you fine tune your keyword to discover new keywords that would make your website more attractive and profitable as well.

Keywords and its ranking overview Keywords are also referred to specific search terms. These are the words that people type in the different search engines to find sites about or related to that keyword research. To catch more audience to your website, you have to identify which keywords research people usually use. You may also do this to look for similar sites and do keyword optimization for this site. If a keywords research phrase is not present in one of your web pages, you won’t have a high ranking for that phrase; therefore the possible traffic the search phrase generates is missed out.
To help you attain high ranking in search, you need keyword research tools. There are different areas in your webpage where keywords must be placed, not only in META keyword. The keywords should be used effectively through your website. Good and effective rankings can only be obtained if you would not resort to techniques of spamming-like list of keywords at the bottom part of your site.

Google Keyword Research Tool: How Does it Work ?

Keyword emphasis

Many search engines put a great emphasis on the definite text on a certain webpage. This plays a very vital role in determining the way your site is indexed by different engines. When you build a website, it is very important that you ensure your pages to have as many relevant texts as possible. Search engines put together keywords from your page and rank it basing on the keyword density [Targeting long tail keywords for more traffic]. Keyword density is the number of times a certain word or certain phrase is counted on a web page. The keywords can appear in the page title, content, descriptions, links and headings.

Keywords searching

Follow these steps to begin searching:

  • Enter a search term in the Term field. The search terms can be in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Dutch and Italian.
  • Select the number of results to be displayed per page.
  • Select a database.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • The search results are displayed.

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Now that you have already compiled a list of keywords to be used and have established knowledge about keywords research and keywords research tools, you can now integrate them into your site and start waiting for great number of traffic that will be driven to your site.

Google Keyword Research Tool: How Does it Work ?

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