Every Thing You need to Know About One Plus One | 2 [ Hidden Screts and Tips & Tricks ]

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When you consider that the OnePlus One costs only $ 300, although that matches the best Android flagships in the specifications, it is not surprising that has raised some eyebrows this year. Throw some limited availability and dodgy marketing mix, and OnePlus One has barely been out of the latest technology.
But so, how to make the most of the customization options? What practical adjustments lay waiting at your disposal? If you have taken a chance on him, we have a lot steaming hot OnePlus One advice coming your way at this time.

One Plus One  Hidden Screts and Tips & Tricks [Amazing Features]

Using a double tap to wake up and go to sleep

LG introduced this idea with knock-on, but you’ll find a lot of smart phones now, including OnePlus One. This feature basically allows you to tap the screen twice to activate the phone, instead of having to push the button. Go to Settings> Display and lights and scroll down to check the box next to double tap to wake him.
While the navigation screen is activated, you can also use a swipe up gesture from the Start button to send your OnePlus One of sleeping through Settings> Buttons> Quick launch shortcuts. You can choose up to the left or right, depending on the hand holding the phone.

How to capture screen

The standard method of Android to capture a screenshot will suffice. Hold down the power button and volume down button simultaneously and see a flash animation wee to indicate that screen is captured for posterity. If you need later to find the head of the Pictures folder in your application gallery.
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If you find that the method a bit tricky, so why not add an option to display your Power menu? Go to Settings> Buttons and you find that you can edit the Power menu appears on the screen when you hold down the power button.
You can also use the Screencast preinstalled application to record your screen and microphone as an archive of short video. If you get the notification shade while you are recording, you can stop it or tell it to show finger touches like a small circle on the screen.

Customizing LED notification

The LED on the top left of the front of your OnePlus One can be customized via Settings> Display and lights. In the Lights section contains an entry notification light pulse input and battery light. You can establish exactly why and how the LED blinks and what colors you use. There are a range of colors, full color, so you can get the exact tone you want, either by dragging your finger or the introduction of specific codes of color.

Changing the Theme

The OnePlus One running CyanogenMod 11 so you can quickly and easily change the look of your phone with a new theme. If you go into the app drawer, you will find a showcase application called Themes, which allows you to purchase a new topic. You can also search for CM 11 in Google Play to find a lot of support issues.

Editing navigation

You can change your basic touch-sensitive buttons for navigation that sit at the bottom of the screen to enter Settings> Interface> Buttons and disposal and touching the lock icon on the top right. Touch and drag to move icons or add new buttons via the icon again. You can also disable them via Settings> Buttons> Enable navigation bar on the screen.

Editing quick adjustments

Pull down the notification shade the upper right, and see your Quick settings icons for all sorts of things. Tap the great + and then tap and hold to move the icons around, drag them to the trash to remove them, or tap Add to open an impressive long list of options.
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Using profiles

Go to Settings> Profiles and you can set different combinations of features and functions preset on or off. For example, tap the Home option and configure your Wi-Fi network, so that automatically activates when you connect to Wi-Fi at home. Now, you can turn the lock screen off, so you can have the automatic safety lock screen outside the house, but need not bother with it at home.
There are plenty of other options to create profiles for different scenarios, and you can create your own. It can also trigger NFC tags instead of Wi-Fi and add an option to switch between them in Settings> Buttons> Power menu.

How quickly start the camera

If you want to break the best casual shots with 13 megapixel camera that has to be able to launch the camera application in a hurry. The OnePlus You do not have a dedicated camera button, but you can install one through Settings> Buttons.
You can also draw a circle on the screen when the phone is on standby to go directly to the camera. Go to Settings> Interface> Shortcuts gesture to make sure this option is enabled.
You are able to add a widget from the camera to the lock screen via Settings> Lock screen, too. Then, just drag from right to left to open the camera application directly from the lock screen.

How to block calls

Go to Settings> Privacy> Blacklist and can block specific numbers you do not want to receive calls or messages. You can set rules for private or unknown numbers through in the bottom right menu.

Getting a good night’s sleep
You can dictate quiet hours for your phone and limit notifications at night when you are normally asleep by going to Settings> Sound> Quiet hours. You can also use a special profile, as mentioned above.

How to save battery

We have a guide full of tips for saving battery life of the smartphone, which applies especially to this phone too, but there are a couple of options that differ in OnePlus One. For example, you can reduce your screen time Settings > Display and light> Sleep.
You can also make some adjustments in battery saving options developer. Go to Settings> About phone and tap Build number seven times and unlock Developer options. In the options menu Select developer can test runtime and choose ART is coming Android L. Some people claim that improves battery life. You can also go to Settings> System> Profile and choose energy-saving or even slow its CPU Settings> Performance> Processor> CPU governor.
You could also try using applications like Greenify freeze unused applications and something like Tasker to automate the configuration.
Some people find the double tap to wake feature mentioned at the beginning may drain the battery, so turn it off.

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