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Endless Space 2 Galactic Statecraft-CODEX » SKIDROW-GAMES Download Full Game

The Galactic Statecraft Free Update offers plenty of new options to interact and collaborate with other major players, as well as a series of new features and game improvements. For those who favor the subtle art of negotiation rather than brutal bloodshed, the game now offers new diplomatic means for faction leaders to solve conflictual situations, making collaboration more rewarding and accessible than ever.

The Galactic Statecraft Update includes

Improved Alliances

New options are now available when players make alliances with other factions. You can now react to your allies’ decisions, leave the alliance in case of a declared war, or strengthen your bond with your allies, allowing you to benefit from faction-specific bonuses.

Contextual Diplomacy

Players and AI empires now have access to a tool to solve conflictual situations through diplomacy. Triggered by specific events (such as trespassing, nearby colonization, …), players will use diplomatic dialog over several turns, where both factions will have choices to make.

Constellation Control

The first player to control three systems on a constellation will “own” this constellation, granting specific resource bonuses and showing everyone who’s boss around here.

Pressure Retake

The pressure feature has been reworked, to offer a more transparent and clear interface, so players can better see how it is affecting their relationships with neighboring empires.

Coordination tool

Players can now ask their allies to attack or defend specific locations in the galaxy, by placing a marker directly in the galaxy view. This will improve communication among allies, as text can be added. Note that the AI will also use it and react to your indicators, making cooperation with AI allies a lot more rewarding! Time to work on that pincer maneuver…

Weapons Retake

Weapon design has been deeply rethought, and a complete rebalancing was implemented between projectile & energy weapons. Projectiles weapons now have a high risk/high reward philosophy, while their energy counterparts deal more constant damage. Make sure to check your fleets before you head into battle!

Pirate Lairs

Minor factions will now only create fleets to defend their systems, and their reaction to your fleet will depend on the locals’ inclination. Space scourge now comes from pirate lairs, that can appear on nearby uninhabited systems. Attack & destroy these lairs to curb the pirate threat!

Orbital Stations

Increasing your system level and your population will propel new space stations orbiting your colonized planets.

3 New Events

A series of new events was implemented in the game to enrich the Endless Space 2 experience with more immersive art and story.

Academy & the Heretic

The stakes have been raised with the Heretic’s plot now having potentially dramatic consequences for the galaxy. Choose your side carefully…

Hall Of Fame

Keep a trace of past victories and defeats via a local leaderboard, with filters and sorting options. Remember that time you tried Pacifist Cravers? Now you will!

Title: Endless Space® 2 – Galactic Statecraft Update
Genre: Strategy
Developer: “AMPLITUDE Studios”
Publisher: “SEGA”
Release Date: 16 Nov, 2017

Release Name : Endless Space 2 Galactic Statecraft-CODEX
Size : 7.32 GB




















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Endless Space 2 Galactic Statecraft-CODEX » SKIDROW-GAMES Download Full Game

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