Clash Royale Game Preview and Released Date By Supercell

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Clash Royale Game Preview and Released Date By Supercell
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Clash Royale Release Date

Clash Royale…another game by supercell will be lauch next month, will this game being successor like previous game?.

Finally, our waiting to immediately enjoy the thrill of the Clash Royale game, one of my favorite mobile device can certainly be coming to an end in the near future. The reason, Supercell recently announced that they will release the strategy game simultaneously across the world in March 2016 tomorrow.
Through the trailer that you can watch at the end of this article, Supercell also gives us information that they will be releasing Clash Royale on Android and iOS platforms simultaneously. Surely this is welcome news considering the prism of their previous two games (Boom Beach and Clash of Clans), Supercell often releasing the game for iOS first, and Android version following later.

Suppose you do not know about what is Clash Royale, this strategy game is a spin-off of Clash of Clans that combines the action of a real time multiplayer action that is fun and exciting war. Clash Royale game itself at first glance was similar like action Hearthstone card duel, but with the addition of some other element that makes it feel so unique and different.

The news release of the clash royale game next month as well as a fairly positive news to my ears. Why? Because this means that next month I can carry on playing my progress while spending money to hunt card collection Epic kind that requires dedication isolated efforts in order to get it.

Clash Royale Game Preview

I think it’s not a secret if Clash of Clans by Supercell has been a major weapon in dominating the competition in the mobile platform strategy game. Stepping on the age of almost entering its fourth year, mobile strategy game that popularized the asynchronous PvP game is still being taken into account, even though outside there is already a lot of similar games that comes with a variety of gameplay innovations of Clash of Clans.

With a name that are becoming increasingly fluttering, Supercell decided to strengthen the position Clash of Clans with developing this game franchise into various spin-offs, as did Rovio for their flagship game, Angry Birds.

Product development is then produces Clash Royale, a spin-off that brings back all the features peculiar character Clash of Clans and mixes it into an innovative new game and quite refreshing. So whether Clash Royale potential to reach the same position as “half-brother” of this? Check out our review below.

The taste is different but both game is Outstanding

The first thing that draws from Clash Royale is seen attempts to present a gameplay that feels new, without leaving a characteristic that has been so entrenched in Clash of Clans. Just like its predecessor, Clash Royale puts the player into the action for the sake of leveling the headquarters fielded forces that have been painstakingly built by the opponent.

The Rules of the game is quite simple. If you run out of Elixir then you can not pull out the card when it was encrypted in your hands

Departing from the concept has been very popular here, and then go back to recycle Supercell strategy game Clash of Clans in a PvP duel-based real-time is pretty solid. Victory and defeat here you will be determined by how effective your strategy deployed troops and organize all Elixir resources you have.

Your main objective in this game was still the same. Only the difference is…, if in Clash of Clans you are required to destroy all of the following buildings Town Hall owned by players, then in Clash Royale you only need to knock down one of the three main castle in a small cramped arena.

Strategy game in the Clash Royale seem like a dueling card game Hearthstone style, but without involving a shift change like a conventional card games in general. Here, each player will be equipped with eight card slots that will be decisive way flow strategy in winning the fight.

The card slot is already reserved before you can fill with three types of cards with different functions. Starting from the troops cards which became the main foundation you in destroying the headquarters of the opponent, magic cards to change the flow of the game, and the last card of the building that you can use to strengthen the defense in markasmu.

Each card was will be divided later into three different levels of rarity of the card, ranging from the common, rare, and epic. Although the cards are categorized epic acquisition initially impressed rare, if you are devoted to playing Clash Royale, the cards will be easier to find.

The challenge now is how so you can get the same epic card for the umpteenth time, because then you will need the cards in order to increase the level of the first epic card you’ve got.

“Cards Duel” in Real Time With Other Players Around The World

One of the best parts that I found in this game is when the “cards duel” already underway, and the players were required to utilize any existing cards in order to win the battle.

Each army has deployed almost the same characteristics as army units in Clash of Clans, ranging from swarms of Barbarians were always target enemy and nearby buildings, the Giant immediately stormed the building, the miniature of Hog Riders, Pekka, Goblin, and many others.

Duel strategy is simple yet deeply felt is not separated from the aspect of resource settings Elixir you have. It makes you have to decide whether the card that is now you need to be aggressive in attacking, or last up to get drops of Elixir that you need.

The interisting part pulled again, while the remaining one-minute duration of the game, the number of regenerating Elixir will be faster, so the tempo of the game will run more brutal and intense. One step only slightly, the other players will take advantage of the moment with a direct fielded the strongest forces at the base gate.
Fortunately throughout the game, you can only block the invasion of enemy forces by way of your forces deployed in front of them. This makes the Clash Royale game feels like an act of “tug of war” involving tactics and resource management are telling.
No wonder if I lose or win, Clash Royale left “addict effects” that make players feel challenged to continue the struggle to achieve the highest trophy in the leaderboard rankings.

So far I am quite happy with the Clash Royale game because of reminds me a lot of the Clash of Clans game that has its own story in the history of mobile games I play.

Unfortunately Clash Royale duel can only be enjoyed by gamers in Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. If you happen to have an iOS device and want to enjoy the thrill of the latest game Supercell, make sure you have made the iTunes account of one of the countries that I mentioned earlier.

Clash Royale Enter The Duel Video Preview 

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How about you? Do you also can not wait to try the game spin-off of Clash of Clans is at your Android or iOS device? Please share your comments in the comments sections below and I’ll see you on the battlefield of Clash Royale next month.

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Clash Royale Game Preview and Released Date By Supercell

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