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Bounce is a VR physics-based puzzle game for HTC Vive. Under the supervision of H8-Bit and 2Bit, two robots tasked with overseeing security of the intergalactic spaceship, players must help D1G-B, their spherical robot companion, traverse levels using an array of gadgets at their disposal to exit each level’s portal. With moving obstacles, laser gates, gravity wells, and multi-floor levels obstructing the path of D1G-B, players will have to use their creativity to construct solutions.

With consumer grade virtual reality in its infancy, there has been a heavy focus on certain experiences that have already been shown to work. Space shooters, gun galleries and mini-game collections of varying quality are the glut of what is available. Even the titles that try to do something different tend to be on the more simple side of things. This is where Steel Wool Studio’s Vive exclusive title, Bounce, lands.


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The concept of the title is extremely basic. There is a robot sphere, who I have dubbed Adoraball (real name D1G-B), who is trying to escape a space ship. It’s up to the player to guide him. At a press of the pad on the right controller, he pops out of a spot on the map, and must roll to the destination hole.

The player uses planks, curved pipes, circular launchers, and speed pads to create the path. Once Adoraball is launched, there is no guiding him. Should he crash, pressing the same button recalls him so adjustments can be made.

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