Airport Madness 3D Full v1.206 Apk Android

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Airport Madness 3D Full v1.206 Apk Android

Airport Madness 3D Full v1.206 Apk Android

This edition offers six airports that include the Vancouver Harbour float plane base, Jamaica, Toronto Island, LaGuardia, Castlegar and Rocky Mountain Metropolitan. Each airport offers two separate traffic patterns. Although this game is visually quite different, it has the very same game play mechanic as previous versions.

There is a choice of four different view perspectives: tower view, runway view, sky view, and pilot view. In this version, we include two radar screens instead of just one: A radar screen for airborne traffic and one for ground traffic.

For seven years, we’ve been telling game players that Airport Madness is a game, not a simulation. While Airport Madness 3D offers a decent level of realism, we are mainly trying to make this game fun. We are using real earth data for mountains and surrounding landscape, as seen in the images, but our airports were built by us from scratch.

Aircraft flight characteristics are highly realistic. Aircraft actually raise their nose during the takeoff rotation and during the landing flare, just like they do in real life. Part of what makes Airport Madness fun is the high speed at which things happen. In real life, things happen much slower.

We’ve worked hard to compare our game to that of 3D simulations that are currently for sale elsewhere, and what we feel everybody wants is a game that’s easy to play, is lots of fun, and highly addictive.

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We hope you enjoy this update!
Added new airport, “Castlegar”, with an active forest fire;
New challenges specific to fighting the fire;
6 new aircraft: DC10,DC6,B737,GLF6,SW4,BER2;
Improved quality of certain aircraft models;
Resolved issue with rogue Concordes;
Type and speed shown in tags;
Tags are color-coded by speed assignments;
Fixed LaGuardia arrival traffic backup at west apron when 22/31 are active;
Fixed Kingston Jamaica south terminal jam issues.
Improvements to zoom/pan features.

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Airport Madness 3D Full v1.206 Apk
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Airport Madness 3D Full v1.206 Apk Android

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